Diabetes Destroyer Program Review – Read it Why 38000+ People Recommending It

Summary of Diabetes Destroyer Program

“Diabetes Destroyer” by David Andrews enlightens individuals how harmful toxins are used in regular food as it can become a cause of severe diseases among them. The “Diabetes Destroyer” system reveals much about human body and diabetes in it.

diabetes-destroyer-program-reviewAll of us know that diabetes is very dangerous and it occurs due to a mistake in the production of insulin in the body. There are two types of diabetes, Type I is unable to diagnose until a few symptoms become an issue or hospitalization become must. If it is left untreated, it can become the reason of many health problems such as, heart problem, kidney failure, blindness and strokes.

There is a latest launched system called “Diabetes Destroyer” that offers complete instructions with solutions to winnow out Diabetes I and Diabetes II. Both types of Diabetes genetically run in families, though around 10 percent of type I Patients will have this disease in their families. In type II, this figure reaches to 30 percent.

Diabetes Destroyer Program” will make people aware about how diabetes actually works and also describes the different strategies of treatment. Moreover, it will show them how to trigger brown fat cells to keep their blood sugar level maintained.

The program is the major cure for both Type I and Type II Diabetes, because it offers an enthusiastic lifestyle course about health, treatment and medicament. It is a lifestyle course that support eating habits and daily exercising.

Who is the Author and Why Should I listen to Him?

David Andrews, 52, with a wife and two (2) children, wrote the eBook “3-Step Diabetes Destroyer.” He is the head chef of a 5-star restaurant in Washington, D.C. and was suffering from chronic diabetes mellitus type 2 himself before he managed his diabetes with the tips that he has written on his eBook.

David used to spend around $2,000 monthly on insulin medication for his diabetes and has been trying different medication in order to find the one that works for him the best. While looking for the possible cure to his disease, he stumbled on a study from New Castle in England and decided to conduct his own research at Harvard University in United States on how to cure diabetes.


He had come to realize that the diabetes medication industry was able to make $245 billion yearly because the industry wanted to keep people sick, so that they could keep selling them expensive medication.

David practiced his own research and findings on himself until he was able to cure his own diabetes and prove that the system works. He wanted to help other people cure their diabetes and defeat the expensive diabetes industry, and he decided to compile all of his studies in a book that is now called “the Diabetes Destroyer.”

What Includes in Diabetes Destroyer

The product is available both in eBook, 152 pages long that comes in PDF format, and in audio file that is divided into 25 chapters and comes in MP3 format.

With over 20 chapters divided into four (4) main sections/modules, the “Diabetes Destroyer” introduces its readers to diabetes and then teaches the 3-step system for eliminating diabetes. The four (4) sections are summarized below:

“What Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes”

David Andrews gave the following details in the introductory section:

  1. The vast industry the disease has created and the scale at which diabetes has grown in recent years.
  2. Described the osteopathic approach or the “whole-of-body” approach that he adopts inside the “Diabetes Destroyer” program. The approach to healing recognizes the integrated nature of the body wherein problems within one system almost always affect other systems.
  3. Discussed the risk factor involved when the pancreas are no longer functioning at maximum level due to damaged beta cells and the causes of diabetes.
  4. Described the role of bloodstream and the importance of healthy cellular functions in addressing diabetes.
  5. Attributed other health aspects that may be affected by diabetes and the secondary complications and side-effects of conventional diabetes treatments.

“Step 1: The “Jump start Your Insulin Factory” Temporary Meal Plan”

As an introduction, David emphasized how health and well-being are directly related to the quality of the cells. He explained how beta cells work and how we can keep our cells at their healthiest level possible. He further promotes that the health of the cells depends on the proper amount of nutrients, water, oxygen, as well as the individual’s mindset, and other healthy living staples.

Simple techniques were disclosed that can be used to:

  1. Safeguard one’s body to getting the optimal amount of oxygen needed.
  2. Know the amount of water required by one’s body and techniques on how to increase water intake to meet daily requirements.
  3. Breed in lasting energy by adopting positive thinking.

In addition, readers will learn:

  1. How to cleanse the body of toxins using a seven to ten day cleansing session that is a more effective to fasting. It also includes six easy to prepare juicing recipes.
  2. What is BMI, it’s importance in the “Diabetes Destroyer” System and how to easily calculate it.
  3. How to jump start the pancreas and reduce fat around the liver and pancreas for them to function at optimal level to produce the necessary insulin using the unique 8-week diet. It also included step-by-step instructions on the exact combinations of foods to eat and a detailed meal plan.
  4. Guidelines on keeping one’s “diabetic diet” interesting to stay motivated and stick with it.
  5. The transition from cleansing and the 8-week diet plan to healthy eating habits that will support health and reverse the diabetes caused by diabetes.
  6. How to choose the right foods that enable one’s move away from unhealthy foods via a detailed examination of nutrition.

“Step 2: The Natural Trick To Amp Up Your Metabolism”

The next step of the Diabetes Destroyer System describes the key component to reversing diabetes that is increasing the body’s insulin absorption rate by increasing one’s metabolism. In this section, David reveals:

  • Diabetes friendly foods that can boost one’s metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  • Foods that must be avoided by diabetics should avoid (these are harming your body).
  • Simple tips on how to make the new healthy diet cost-effective.
  • Effective 20-minute workout that requires 30 seconds of high intensity movement that is designed to help in weight loss, reduce insulin resistance, prevent diabetic complications, sustain healthy blood sugar levels, and speed metabolism for 12 hours at a time.

“Step 3: Time Your Meals To Finish Off Your Diabetes”

On David’s final step on regulating blood sugar levels and reversing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, he suggests timing meal intake, an idea shared by both diabetes treatments and weight loss programs.

This section includes:

  1. The exact schedule of when to eat what food/s.
  2. What to eat at breakfast to keep blood sugar level balanced during the course of a day.
  3. Diabetes friendly snacks diabetics can eat.
  4. When to take the last meal prior to sleeping.

In conclusion, David gave a series of actionable steps to fast track reversing diabetes and returning to good health. Also, he included some tips and techniques on how to embrace a healthy lifestyle to ensure that one need not to deal with diabetes complications ever again.

How Diabetes Destroyer Works


“Diabetes Destroyer” utilizes a three step system in order to reverse diabetes. That three step system includes:

Step 1) Jumpstart Your Insulin Factory

The first section of the eBook discusses the meal plan that will flood the body with essential nutrients. This will restart the pancreas and enable it to produce the necessary amount of insulin needed by the body.

Step 2) The Natural Trick to Amp Up Your Metabolism

The second section discusses how to increase metabolism using simple foods, including three metabolism boosting berries, and a 30 second exercise techniques anyone can do any day. This will enable the production of insulin by the pancreas.

Step 3) Time Your Meals to Finish Off Your Diabetes

The last section deals with meal timing. This section discusses which food to eat at what time. By doing this, the body increases its ability to fight back against diabetes.

The eBook allocates a great portion of information in every section and gives readers great details in all of the aforementioned 3 step process. Going through the program will enable the body to reduce its dependence on diabetes medications and insulin shots.

Features of Diabetes Destroyer Program:

diabetes-destroyer-pdf“Diabetes Destroyer” is an all characteristic natural treatment methodology intended for the individuals who are experiencing issue with the glucose. This framework minifies the glucose by venturing up the measure of insulin discharged by the pancreas, by adjusting the activity of insulin in the body furthermore by decelerating the pre-occupancy of glucose.

The convention will instruct individuals to begin a solid way of life and urges them to create positive propensities. The “Diabetes Destroyer” system shows individuals where the destructive poisons are hiding in consistent sustenance so they can pulverize them from their eating regimen.

“Diabetes Destroyer” is the thing that you ought to do!

  1. This project will show you the easiest route conceivable to turn around your diabetes!
  2. You will find the key to taking back your life from this ailment!
  3. You will take control of your life and your future for the last time!

Disposing of your diabetes won’t occur incidentally, yet it can happen sooner than you ever suspected conceivable. This is your life we’re discussing! This is your future with your family and the individuals that you cherish.

You personally merit rolling out this improvement. So as to roll out this improvement there are sure changes that you have to make in your body. You need to kick off your pancreas and expand your digestion system. Furthermore, that is precisely what we offer with “Diabetes Destroyer.”

What Kind of Results Will I Get?

The objective of “Diabetes Destroyer” system is to keep necessary insulin in the bloodstream, so glucose level remains normal. In fact, it is an amazing guidebook that explains valuable things related to diabetes and human body.

diabetes-destroyerIndividuals should be aware of their blood sugar level, so they can get best treatment on time. The program is effective because it will let you know how to pull together the metabolic rate to achieve a suitable weight.

Support individuals to develop positive propensities.This glorious guide shows the 30 second trap to vanquish diabetes from its roots. This “Diabetes Destroyer” manual will show individuals how to space their suppers to stop going too long without sustenance.

The measure of calories they are permitted is controlled by whether they have to keep up, drop off or put on weight. The science based innovation utilized for this treatment methodology builds insulin affect-ability and decreases glucose. Holding the glucose under control likewise controls other body functions.

“Diabetes Destroyer” accompanies an awesome activity regimen that will help control individuals’ glucose level. Individuals might likewise need to suit their insulin measurement as indicated by the measure of activity they take, as an excess of insulin and activity may dislodge their glucose level.

Advantages of Using Diabetes Destroyer

  1. Based On a Scientific Study: Was the Study made at the Newcastle University in England made by David Andrews? No, “Diabetes Destroyer” was also included on Jonathan’s osteopathic research and is scientifically proven.
  2. Natural Solution Without The Serious Side Effects: Test subjects during the Newcastle University research study who reported to have experienced mild side effects only had these during the first few days of the study. These reported side effects include tiredness, headache, hunger, cold, and dizziness.
  3. Provides a Comprehensive Information: The “Diabetes Destroyer” walks readers through a step-by-step instructions including workout routines, meal plans, and other tips and techniques on how to control blood glucose levels daily.
  4. Pretty Fast Results: Although not all people with type II diabetes would see results in a week of following the “Diabetes Destroyer” program, following the program is still a better idea than taking diabetes drugs or insulin shots that do not really cure diabetes permanently.
  5. Protected by A 60-Day Refund Guarantee: A guarantee for a refund makes it easier to test the program since this is an advantage for patients.

The advantages are perpetual, in light of the fact that this system will stay with you for eternity:

  1. Just envision how it will feel to say goodbye to disappointment and apprehension of diabetes! Also, it will feel surprisingly better realizing that you did it all by and by.
  2. Just envision how it will feel to begin liquefying fat and boosting your digestion system!
  3. Just envision how it will feel to discard the majority of your drug for the last time!
  4. Just envision how much your associations with your family will enhance once you quit being a weight to them fiscally and inwardly!
  5. Just envision ceasing for the last time the onset of poor vision, deadness, removal, and the moderate rot of Type 2 Diabetes!

Therefore, don’t invest your energy and money on useless things, go for “Diabetes Destroyer” and feel the positive change in your life. Begin today and start today and live a happy and healthy life.

Disadvantages of Diabetes Destroyer:

  1. Requires Your Time and 100% Commitment: Making the program work and effective requires commitment and discipline. Carefully following the meal plan and exercise routine must be done on a daily basis regardless of one’s mood, energy level, or schedule.
  2. Get Your Doctor Or Dietitian Approval: It is always advisable to seek doctor’s of dietitian’s check-up and approval before, during, and after going through the “Diabetes Destroyer” program in order to be on the safe side and maximize the benefits.
  3. A Downloadable System: People who have poor internet connection and do not prefer reading eBooks may be reserved on availing of the “Diabetes Destroyer” program.

How Much Cost You?

The eBook costs $37 and can be paid via PayPal, MasterCard, or VISA. A “secret10dollarsoff” coupon is also available if you want to save.

What I Get as a Bonus Along with This Program?

David Andrews included five free reports designed to complement the “Diabetes Destroyer” program.

1. “Diabetes Destroyer” – Quick start Guide (26 pages)

After adopting the “Diabetes Destroyer” program, this section contains information on how to follow through an all-natural and safe lifestyle change that will prevent pre-diabetes from developing into a more serious condition and help reverse existing type II diabetes.

2. Delicious Diabetes Recipes (239 pages)

This diabetes-friendly recipe book contains over 500 recipes which ranges from daily meals, snacks, salads, and other accompaniments.The focus of this recipe book lies with diabetes-friendly sweets including cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and bars, and many other healthy diabetic desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

3. Diabetes Healing Recipes (47 pages)

This recipe book contains over 100 recipes made from ingredients that are proven to help regulate blood sugar levels. The recipe book contains drinks and shakes, soups, salads, dressing, dips, sauces, entrees/side dishes, and snacks/desserts.

4. Tips For A Diabetes Diet (9 pages)

This report include tips that are designed to promote healthy eating habits that will help in preventing, controlling, and reversing diabetes. These tips emphasize the important role of diet in the treatment of diabetes. It helps diabetics take pleasure from meals without feeling hungry or deprived.

5. Understanding Diabetes And Glycemic Index (72 pages)

This report provides a simple and comprehensive overview of diabetes and glycemic index. It covers the symptoms, causes, treatments, and complications associated with diabetes, and the purpose, importance, and benefits of the glycemic index.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

60-day-guaranteeGives you a 60-Day refund guarantee for protection. The 60-day refund guarantee offers additional protection to people who want to try the program. No negative reviews have been garnered by the program so far and this deal will make it easier for people to try the program out.

3 Testimonials of Real Users Who Give Thumbs Up

“This program offers short-term and long-term solutions for reversing type II diabetes and pre-diabetes. It is innovative and all-natural and results are noticeable in as fast as one week. It include suggestions and tricks that will improve insulin production and decrease sugar levels”. Harsh Chaklasiya, Diabetes Expert

“As a mother to a recently diagnosed type I diabetic 11-year old child, this book is a must read and is very interesting. It has a lot of info about type II, but also has enough for type I diabetes since it promotes low glucose diet. My husband also ordered the book for his arthritis”.  Vento Elen

“I highly recommend this book. I have had type II diabetes for 8 years and this book allowed me to begin the process of controlling my blood sugar. It taught me a great deal about diabetes that I did not know before”. Ben

Final Verdict – What We Suggest

David Andrews’ Diabetes Destroyer program is definitely worth the read.

It is simply written and contains step-by-step instructions that can be understood by anyone. Meal plans, diet, and exercises are simple and easy to follow. We really like that the solution is scientifically proven and offers fast results. Also, it has the potential to permanently reverse type II diabetes.

There may be side effects, but it will only be felt for the first couple of days. After all,  you can always contact David Andrews and ask for a refund. We believe that the Diabetic Destroyer program is for everyone. However, if you are not fond of eBooks and do not have the discipline to follow through with the program, this program may not be for you. Lastly, this program is especially designed for patients suffering from type II diabetes.