Alternative Cure For Diabetic Patient

Alternative cure for diabetes has been chosen by diabetics today. Alternative cure for diabetes is functioning as a complement to medical treatment. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting an alternative cure for diabetes. Alternative cure for diabetes has minimal side effects, and also more efficient. Some alternative cure for diabetes at this time :


Acupressure is a healing technique using pressure on certain body parts, in order to clear the blockage of vital energy, so that the organs can be function normally. Acupressure is one of the alternative cure for diabetes.


Acupuncture is one of the alternative cure for diabetes. Acupuncture is the art of healing by stimulating the body’s meridians using needles. Every meridian has the access point on the surface of the skin. By stimulating the meridian points using needles, the organs and glands are stimulated to work normally.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy technique that uses hypnosis. Many diseases comes from the problem of mind (psychosomatic). Sometimes a disease caused by the conflict within. If the disease comes from the mind, then hypnotherapy can resolve the problem. There are Many hypnotherapy’s techniques that can be used to relaxing body and mind, and even cure diseases (psychosomatic). The techniques that are widely used by hypnotherapists today are: direct suggestion, guided imaginary, path therapy, inner child work, age regression, past life regression, and others. Guided imagery is one technique that can be practiced alone, without the help of a hypnotherapist. Normally in a relaxed state (brain waves at alpha or theta state), diabetics imagine that the diabetes has been cured, Pancreatic can produce insulin properly, glucose can be absorbed by the cells for energy. Guided imaginary should be coupled with direct suggestion to strengthen positive programs in the subconscious. Hypnotherapy is one of the alternative cure for diabetes .

Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs

Lots of vegetables, fruits and herbs from nature, such as aloe vera, avocado, bitter melon, cinnamon, green tea, onions, and much more can be used to control blood sugar levels.Product weight loss

Product weight loss, such as : aristocratic acid, chitosan, germander, sauropus androgynus, chromium , garcinia camsogia, Momordica charanta, pyruvate, and much more.Reflexologi

Reflexology is one of the alternative cure for diabetes. Reflexology is the art of massaging the reflex points in the body organs using fingers. The goal is to stimulate the body’s organs to function normally.


Reiki is a natural healing using the energy of the universe. The disease is due to the negative energy in the body. This negative energy can come from the mind, food, beverage, lifestyle. Reiki is one of the alternative cure for diabetes. Reiki will release negative energy from the body, and replace them with clean energy, so the body can return to health. A person who has received a reiki attunement from a Reiki master, has been able to use Reiki for healing. A reiki attunement will connect a person to the reiki energy source forever.

Supplements for diabetics

Supplements for diabetics, such as : zinc, magnesium, chromium, vanadium, and much more.

Tai chi

Tai chi  is one of the cure for diabetes. Tai chi is a kind of gymnastics that expedite the flow of energy (chi) in your body. Gentle movements of tai chi may improve body and mind relaxation. Body and mind relaxation are very beneficial for diabetics. Tai chi improves the functioning of muscle strength, flexibility, cardio respiratory, which is useful to minimize the risk of diabetic complications.


Yoga poses have the ability to balance the body, mind and spirit. Certain poses in yoga also will activate the glands, burn excess fat, and and calms the mind. yoga is also very useful for people with diabetes to keep blood sugar levels to remain normal. One of the yoga techniques that can be practiced by people with diabetes is pranayama (yoga breathing exercises). Pranayama techniques that trained by people with diabetes is Bhastrika Pranayama. Breathing is done in a sitting position, spine straight. The purpose of this breathing exercise is to increase the body’s metabolism so that blood sugar levels can be controlled. For this breathing exercise, you should be guided by a yoga master. Wrong breathing exercises, will worsen the condition of your health. Yoga is one of the alternative cure for diabetes.


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