Does Metformin Really Prevent Diabetes?

How Effective is Metformin?

With metformin, diabetes may not be as much of a distraction than without it. Metformin is an orally ingested medication that works with the body to prevent the liver from making excess glucose. Also, it works with the (muscle and fat) cells to allow easier passage by heightening sensitivity to insulin.  Meformin can lower the cholesterol levels in the blood and does not have the side effect of weight gain, which is common with other medications.

Metformin, the generic name for the drug glucophage, is normally prescribed to individuals with type 2 diabetes.  Like any medication, metformin has certain side effects.  The most prevalent ones are nausea and diarrhea, but headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue are also associated with it.  One of the more serious side effects is the possibility of lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis is the condition where a high amount of lactic acid builds in the bloodstream.  It is not recommended to take metformin if an individual consumes alcohol.


With metformin, diabetes symptoms may be greatly reduced if given the proper dosage.  Prescribed as tablets, it is usually started a level of 500 mg taken twice per day or 850 mg once per day.  After about a week, the dosage level may be raised to 1000 mg for the first dose and 500 milligrams for the second dose per day.  In no circumstances should the daily level of intake exceed 2500 milligrams.  In most cases with type 2 diabetes, a significant response is not seen by doses less than 1500 milligrams, but there have been reports of results with less.  It is typically taken two to three times per day with a meal, but the extended release form of the drug may be taken only one time per day.

Using metformin, diabetes can be a lot less of a problem.  Along with the other benefits of the medication, it also does no cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in patients who use it.  Hypoglycemia is a common side effect with certain medications taken by individuals with type 2 diabetes.  Hypoglycemia can create physical discomfort and put a person with type 2 diabetes at risk of other health issues.

Since each cases varies, it is a good idea to always seek the advice of a medical professional before taking any medication related to type 2 diabetes.  With metformin, diabetes can become less of an issue and allow an individual to continue living a complete and fully functional life.  The medication alone cannot create results, but must be used in accordance with a healthy diet and proper exercise.  If there are any pre-existing conditions, then it is strongly suggested that they are revealed to your physician before beginning a regimen that includes metformin.  Some of these symptoms include liver disease or a history of heart disease.  If taken properly, then it will create the desired results.  With metformin, diabetes can be controlled not solved.  As with any medication, it may take time to see the results.  Be patient and give the medication time to acclimate to your body.  It will prove to be beneficial in the long term process.

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