The Importance of Early Blood Sugar Test In Pregnancy

The Importance of Blood Sugar Test in Pregnancy               

The early detection of gestational diabetes during pregnancy is very important to prevent overall health problems later on. Keep reading to understand how blood sugar test in pregnancy which is often used by medical doctors in order to analyze diabetic issues in women of all ages.

d7Every single mother would like a safe and sound pregnancy. That is why frequent examination , tests, medical doctor visits are usually sought for by expecting mothers for the period of just about every stage of pregnancy. Nowadays glucose test in pregnancy, that is definitely generally carried out somewhere between the 24th and the 28th week of pregnancy, happens to be a very important feature. The key reason behind this is actually the prevalence associated with gestational diabetes in about two to seven percent of every single pregnant woman, which usually test was made to detect. Let us first know a little more about gestational diabetes, and a few useful information on this kind of test.

Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes practically in almost all women who are pregnant may be a short-term condition .The moment the little one is born, she remains diabetic. On the other hand, in most cases there exists a risk for the woman to have diabetes again in case of future pregnancy or much later in life. This is why it is always very important to detect such a condition as early as possible that it can be kept under control.

How Gestational Diabetes Occurs in Normal Women?

Each time a non diabetic individual eats food, the digestive system breaks the food eaten into glucose. The glucose then gets into the bloodstream, and, are then converted into fuel for the cells of the body with the help if insulin produced by the pancreas. This method is different in the case of a pregnant woman. Durig pregnancy the glucose remain in the blood, rather than moving inside the tissues of the body. In a expecting mother, there are plenty of hormonal changes that occur, which makes it extremely difficult for the system to make use of insulin. The pancreas have to generate a lot more than the regular quantity of insulin throughout a expectant lady, and also when they are not able to do so, it could lead to higher blood sugar levels and also gestational diabetes.

Blood Sugar Test In Pregnancy 

This test can be useful for checking the way the entire body of the pregnant woman processes sugar. Before such a test is performed, no preparation is needed. What every expecting mother has to do is usually to take glucose by having any sugary fluid. Right after 1 hour, liquid blood samples from the woman are taken for analysis. If ever the results of this high glucose test during pregnancy are positive, the woman  needs to go for Glucose Tolerance Test, to make sure she does have  gestational diabetes.

Glucose Tolerance Test

A pregnant woman need to consume more than 150 mg carbohydrates, three days preceding this test. After these three days of carbohydrate intake the pregnant women has to observe fourteen hours of fasting before going for a glucose test. Throughout the fasting period, an expectant woman is only able to have only a few sips of drinking water. The ideal time for this test  is in the morning as fasting during night is quite easy.


Throughout the test, blood is taken to find out the pregnant woman’s “fasting blood glucose level”. Afterthat, she has to drink glucose liquid. What will happen afterwards is a three hour glucose test during pregnancy, whereby, every hour blood is drawn for testing, and this continues for three hours. Later the doctor then studies these four readings of  blood sugar levels, and when a few of these turn out to be,abnormal a treatment plan for gestational diabetes is highly recommended to the woman. In the event the glucose test during pregnancy is positive, doctors recommend many nutritional adjustments for the woman. An expectant person will be requested to consume a good balanced diet which is an excellent blend involving fats, proteins, carbs, nutrients, vitamin supplements and also calories.

Doing a few pregnancy exercise movements for about 30 minutes daily definitely helps. In the event that these types of lifestyle changes are unable to regulate diabetic issues, she will be given insulin injections as the last measure to regulate diabetes. The early detection of gestational diabetes early in pregnancy is very important to prevent overall health problems later Keep reading to understand how blood sugar test in pregnancy which is often used by medical doctors in order to analyze diabetic issues in women of all ages.

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